In a tough zombie strategy game called 10waves1boss.io unblocked, you must present your defensive ability through the game to fight off all waves of monsters and destroy the cruel boss. The battle will start from a small wooden house. You are armed with the glock and the baseball bat that you must choose to use for killing all monsters heading towards your place. There are guns you can get access to too! But, they are more ideal for the high-HP monsters. You will want to save them for the later confrontations. Whatever you use, just make sure all the waves are beaten. The more kills you commit, the higher the score you will get. With your earned score, you can purchase new weapons with more upgrades from the shop to boost your strength. Can you get through all waves of monsters? Let’s kick off 10waves1boss.io game in your browser now!

How to play

Perform the movement using WASD or arrow keys. Interact with items using the left mouse, buy weapons and upgrades using B, hide your name using N, play the background music using M.

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